Scumbag Squirrel

Ever since we moved in to our little room in East London, we’ve been so lucky to have a view of  the wild-life living in our area. From our balcony on the first floor we have front row seats to a garden-area in front of our house, where we especially like watching the squirrels running around. We even smiled of their cuteness once when they took a dirt-bath in the vegetable garden right underneath our balcony (belonging to our downstairs-neighbours), even though they were messing up the plants.
I, for one, was extra happy when I caught a glimpse of one of them running over our balcony fence, since I thought that if they would climb up to our balcony, that meant that I could make a squirrel-friend.

We were not so happy this morning when we woke up to this sight

scumbag squirrel 1

Now they’re bathing in OUR pots??
They obviously don’t want to be friends.

scumbag squirrels 2

scumbag squirrel 3

Who knew they liked strawberries and rosemary so much. They ate one of our strawberry plants, of course the one who had a small strawberry flower growing on it.

Does anyone have any tips for keeping squirrels out of your beloved plants?
We obviously have to watch out, now that they know where their midnight snacks are kept..

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